The Open Insurance Protocol
For Decentralized Finance

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    Insurance is the masterpiece for Defi
    scalability, InsureDAO stabilizes the
    entire Defi ecosystem.

    What makes InsureDAO different is its ability to handle everything from creating and selling insurance to managing surplus funds. This enables the Defi protocol to easily provide full-featured insurance services to users.

    For Buyers

    Get Covered everywhere you go

    With its simple user interface and user experience, anyone can operate InsureDAO.
    They also offer a variety of insurance products, and since they use dynamic pricing in the calculation of premiums to prevent sellouts, you can purchase a wide variety of insurance policies at any time.

    For Underwriter

    Bet your trustworthy projects

    InsureDAO enables underwriters to provide liquidity where they want, leverage their funds, and adjust their risk.
    Additionally, since the funds in InsureDAO are normally invested in the best lending protocol, the Investor receives the premiums of the insurance buyer, the INSURE token, and the profit from the investment.

    For Protocol

    Make your protocol reliable

    InsureDAO provides full-featured insurance services to Defi protocols.
    It allows every defi protocol to begin offering its own insurance services immediately.

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    Official Partner

    Core Team

    Kohshi Shiba

    Founder / CEO

    Daisuke Iwase


    Insurance expert

    Shun Oikawa

    Co-founder / CTO

    Rubio Kishigami

    Co-founder / COO

    Motoki Takahashi

    Co-founder / Biz lead

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