The Open Insurance Protocol

InsureDAO allows anybody to create an insurance market for their DeFi protocol and insure its security.

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Permission-less architecture

Open Market Creation

What makes InsureDAO different is its focus on permission-less architecture. Anyone can create an insurance pool just like a Uniswap liquidity pool.

Always fair market pricing

Dynamic premium

The pricing of premium is determined by market demand and supply of each insurance.

Insurance premiums are higher when supply is low, which incentivizes the insurance liquidity providing.

Continuous Incentivization

Perpetual Liquidity Mining

The tokenomics are designed to continuously incentivize pool creation for new projects that require coverage.

Inflation is kept in check by a system of deflationary measures that include token burning.

Composability First

Custom Risk Indexes

InsureDAO enables creating custom index pools from individual risk pools. An index pool leverages staked liquidity and provides them towards its underlying pools.

Below are just a few examples of what is possible.

The Trail of Bits Index

Bet on the security acumen of the Trail of Bits auditing team.

This index pool would invest in the risk pools of projects that the Trail of Bits team has audited.

The Lindy Index

Bet on the security of protocols that have been in existence for at least one year or some other arbitrary time.

The Lindy Effect states an inverse correlation between the age of a protocol and its risk of failure.

The China Index

Bet on the security of protocols with project teams largely based in China.

Premiums dynamically adjusted by the market will allow underwriters to hedge their risk exposure.

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